I am R dollas , born and raised in a small town upstate NY (Utica)
I had a passion for music since I was a little kid, I’ve been rapping since I was about 8 and got serious about my craft when I became a teenager. By the time I was 15 I was battle rapping at parties and school. The older I grew the better I got. My first big track is with @bigcasanova, our track and video was played on @betjams and on @worldstar I learned a lot from him. I have a few mixtapes out on audiomack and YouTube, I plan to work with more artist and producers from all over, I also work with Rick Hyde from Black saprano family, I have a feature with him and production on my project All 4 tha dolla. All 4 tha dolla is my first project on all major platforms. Im a Savvy music publishing artist with ambition and creativity follow my through my journey and my change that you will often hear in my music. Growing up in the projects music was a way out , when I got in trouble and out on punishment I would write raps and watch videos all day, Now I live basically live in the studio,doing 5 yrs in prison then another 2 yrs gave me more than enough to read and write about what I was going through.
Listen to my story